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Ziplining For Groups

Posted on January 1, 1970

Groups are always welcome at Wears Valley Zipline Adventures. Our tours are structured so that it’s easy for groups of up to 15 or even 25 people traveling together. In some cases, we may need to split you up into separate tours, but each pair of zipline guides can accommodate quite a few people per tour.

Even though riders cross each line one at a time, it’s always fun for those waiting to take their turn watch their group buddy get hooked up to the line and sent flying on their way to other platform. And once you’re arrived on the other side, you can always be part of the welcoming committee when those behind you take their turn.

Any kind of group would have fun at our zipline adventure course in Wears Valley. That goes for family reunions, churches, corporate outings, Scouts, wedding parties, bus groups-pretty much any organization that might be traveling together in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Be sure to visit the Specials page of our Web site, where you’ll find a group discount coupon that gets you $15 off the regular price per person on groups of 15 to 25 guests. We also normally offer discount pricing for groups, so call us at 865-428-1545 for discounted rates.


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