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We Measure Fun By The Mile!

Posted on January 1, 1970

That’s no exaggeration. When you sign up for our Smoky Mountain zip lines, you’re in for a mile and a quarter’s worth of excitement. Starting out on our original course, you’ll experience four ziplines totaling 3,100 feet in length (more than a half-mile). Two of those lines measure more than 1,000 feet each and are approximately 175 feet high. This tour includes crossing a 100-foot-long sky bridge.

If you decide to supersize your day by adding on our new section, you’re really in for a treat. You’ll take a ride on three more lines totaling 3,600 feet, which is nearly three fourths of a mile. Along the way, you’ll enjoy mondo ziplining with our 2,000-foot super line, which is 270 feet high. This section also features a 100-foot sky bridge.

The two courses together add up to approximately a mile and a quarter of zipline excitement.

Your day will start by parking in the designated area just off Wears Valley Road. From there, we provide transportation up the mountain to our lodge. That’s where you’ll get geared up and learn everything you need to know to have a safe but fun day in the mountains. Your journey will begin and end at our Smoky Mountains zipline lodge.


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