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A Zipline By Any Other Name

Posted on January 1, 1970

All of our zipline runs are lots of fun, but some are so memorable that they've earned nicknames. The fourth line, if you're doing all seven, is called the Roller Coaster. Why? Because your guides can give your zipline a little extra bounce as you make your way from start to finish, causing you to coast up and down as you travel. If this sounds too intense for you, it's totally optional, but it is a blast.

Immediately after that is our longest zipline, which we call Crazy Train. At 2,000 feet, this line is almost a half-mile long and takes about 45 seconds to traverse from start to finish. You build up a good bit of speed on this ride, but the views are awesome, and it’s a great feeling to fly through the air with the wind in your face.

The sixth of our seven lines is called Thriller. That’s because it’s our highest line above ground level. About 350 feet, in fact. If you look down when you’re making the cross, you’ll see Wears Valley Road and the road that leads from the parking area up to our outpost.

And remember that if you’re looking for awesome ziplines, Pigeon Forge, TN is conveniently located near us. We’re just four miles from the Parkway, between Pigeon Forge and Wears Valley.


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